how to find passcode for iphone

How To Find Passcode For iPhone?

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How to Find Passcode for iPhone: It is always suggested to set a passcode for the iPhone to safeguard your device data from the prying eyes. If you have not used your iPhone for an extended period, then there may be a higher chance that you need to remember the screen passcode of your device. So, the question is, what to do in case you forget your iPhone passcode?

Don’t worry, as here we are going to provide you with some of the simple and quick methods to unlock your iPhone when you forget the passcode quickly. These methods will simply help you to get access to your iPhone simply and recover passcode for iphone easily.

What Happens If You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode

how to find passcode for iphone

You can’t access your iPhone until you enter the correct passcode. If you enter the wrong passcode lots of times, then your iPhone will become disabled or unavailable as well. The more attempts of incorrect passwords you have, the longer you will have to wait. It depends on the iOS version that you are using on your device as well.

You also need to know that if you change your iPhone passcode but forget it later, then iOS 17 comes up with an option to simply reset the iPhone passcode with the help of the old passcode within 72 hours.

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What do you do if you forget your iPhone passcode?

If you forgot the passcode of your iPhone, then you can simply read and follow the steps we are sharing below to understand the process of how to recover passcode for iphone.

Undo Forgotten iPhone Passcode With Passcode Reset.

In iOS 17 or iPadOS 17 and the later version, you can reset the default passcode for iphone on your iOS device with the help of the old passcode. All thanks to the passcode reset feature in iOS 17, you can simply revert to the previous passcode within 72 hours after creating the new one. Also, this feature will be helpful for you if you tend to forget the passcode which you set recently.

Here, we are sharing the steps that you can follow to simply to know the process of how to get passcode for iphone with the passcode reset in iOS 17.

  • You need to be on the iPad unavailable screen and then click on the forgot passcode option, which appears at the bottom.
  • Now, click on the enter previous passcode option.
  • Simply enter your old passcode, and then you have to follow the instructions that appear on the display to undo your forgotten passcode and to set a new passcode as well.

Unlock iPhone Via “Erase iPhone”

The security lockout is one of the new features introduced by Apple in iOS 15.2. Generally, it allows the users to unlock the iPhone without a computer and iTunes. When you enter the wrong passcode more than 7 times, then, your iPhone will show you the security lockout screen along with the option of erasing all, which appears at the bottom right side of the display.

You can simply follow the steps below to reset your iPhone with the erase iPhone option.

  • You need to ensure that your iPhone is connected to the cellular or WiFi network.
  • Now, click on the erase iPhone option and then click on the erase iPhone again to confirm your action simply.
  • You have to enter your Apple ID and best passcode for iphone to simply log out your Apple ID.
  • Now, click on the erase iPhone button to delete all the data and settings of your iPhone permanently.
  • Finally, could you set up your iPhone and start using it?

Unlock iPhone Via iPhone Unlock Tool.

passcode for iphone

Suppose you find issues while using the above-given methods. In that case, you can also prefer to use one of the automated solutions, which is a third-party iPhone unlocker that simply removes the forgotten passcode for you. You can use BuhoUnlocker, which is one of the best iOS unlocking software if you “forgot passcode for iphone”. Also, it helps you to unlock the screen passcode and remove the screen time passcode or remove Apple ID and get rid of the MDM files as well.

  • First of all, you have to download and install BuhoUnlocker on your device.
  • Now, simply launch it and then make a click on the unlock screen passcode > start.
  • You need to connect your iPhone to your computer device by using a USB cable, and then you need to put it into recovery mode.
  • Simply download the latest firmware for your device, click on the start unlock button, and simply wait for the unlocking process to complete.
  • When you see the hello screen on your device, you are required to set up your iPhone.

Also, in terms of the iPhone unlocking, BuhoUnlocker provides an MDM removal feature. It simply liberates your iPhone from mobile device management, and you can try it and discover the exciting features of the BuhoUnlocker.

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 Will I Lose Everything If I Reset My iPhone?

Resetting your iPhone doesn’t delete all the settings and content like photos, contacts, apps, and much more. But, before you proceed with this step, ensure that you take a backup for safety purposes.

Can I Unlock My iPhone Without a Computer?

Yes, you can use the security lockout or the iCloud to unlock your iPhone simply. You don’t need to use a PC or Mac, and a passcode reset assists you in opening your iPhone, but it also has some limitations.

Can I Unlock My iPhone Without Resetting It?

Yes, but only if your iPhone has iOS 17 or above and you change the passcode of your iPhone within the last 72 hours.

Can I Unlock Someone Else’s iPhone?

No, under no circumstances do we suggest that you unlock someone else’s iPhone at all.

How to Avoid Forgetting My iPhone Passcode?

The best method to avoid forgetting your iPhone passcode is to set up a Face ID or Touch ID simply. Also, it is perfect to write down the iPhone passcode and simply keep them safe so that you can find them easily.

Final Verdict

By following the methods we shared above, it will become apparent to you all how to find a passcode for an iPhone. We hope that this article becomes beneficial for you, and if so, then please share this article with others so that they can get to know about its usefulness. If you have any queries or concerns, you can use the comment section below.

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