Just over a week has passed since Spotify debuted its first audiobook offering. The big streaming provider announced that it would launch its audiobook services in the US before expanding to other countries. Additionally, its audiobook segment will operate differently from how it typically offers a streaming service for music or podcasts. 

There won’t be any subscription service or ad-supported free tier streaming services available, so subscribers will have to purchase the audiobook titles to listen to them. You need to have a subscription to a Spotify Premium account to purchase audiobooks on the service. You may listen to Spotify without ads, listen to it offline, and skip an infinite number of tracks with a premium subscription to the service.

The methods for purchasing audiobooks are as follows if you have a Spotify Premium account:

  1. Check out the Spotify site or app: Launch the Spotify app or the official site from your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Find audiobooks using the search bar to look for specific authors or titles in the audiobook category. This would be the ideal place to begin if Spotify provided a distinct category for audiobooks.
  3. Choose an audiobook: Once you’ve located the desired audiobook, click it to view more information. Price, outline, and length may be included.
  4. Purchase: An icon or menu item for the audiobook should be present. To complete the purchase, adhere to the given procedure. You might be led to a page on which you can enter your payment information.
  5. Listen: The audiobook should be put into your collection after purchase. You can listen to it anytime you want from here.

Offline audiobook listening:

  • Access the Spotify library.
  • Locate the audiobook you wish to download and tap or click the download icon.
  • After downloading the audiobook, you can play it without an offline connection offline.

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To manage the audiobook’s playback:

  • Click or tap the play/pause button to start or stop your audiobook.
  • Click or tap the next chapter icon to move on to the next chapter.
  • Click or press the previous chapter icon to go back to the previous chapter.
  • Click, tap, and hold on the replay or fast-forward button to replay or fast-forward your audiobook.
  • Click or tap the playback speed icon to change the audiobook’s playback speed.

Your audiobook should be bookmarked.

  • To use the bookmark icon, tap or click it.
  • Give your bookmark a name, then click or tap the “Save” icon.
  • Click or press on the bookmark symbol, then choose the bookmark you wish to access.

If you want to remove an audiobook from your library:

  • Access the Spotify library.
  • Click or press the three-dot icon next to the audiobook you wish to delete.
  • Select “Remove from Library” by tapping it.

Tips for using Spotify to purchase and listen to audiobooks

  1. If you’ve never listened to an audiobook before, I suggest starting with a short one to determine if you like it.
  2. There are many different audiobooks available on Spotify, including children’s literature, nonfiction, and fiction.
  3. You can look through audiobooks by popularity, category, or brand-new releases.
  4. Additionally, Spotify provides a selection of audiobooks that are available only to Spotify Premium customers.
  5. You can change the playing speed and skip to different chapters when listening to an audiobook.
  6. For added convenience, you may bookmark your audiobook.
  7. You have seven days to return an audiobook for a refund if you’re not satisfied with it.


You may enjoy your favorite books while on the road by purchasing and listening to audiobooks on Spotify. You can choose the ideal audiobook to listen to for any occasion from the many options available.

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