how to record computer audio

Tutorial on How to record computer audio



The ability to record computer audio has grown in importance in the current digital era. And for several uses, including online lesson creation, game session capture, music recording, and online meetings. This thorough tutorial will take you through the steps of how to record computer audio on both Windows and macOS.

how to record computer audio

How to record computer audio Windows 10

There are numerous third-party apps and built-in utilities in Windows 10 for recording computer audio. These are three widely used techniques:

1. Voice Recorder:

This pre-installed program is easy to use and offers a basic solution for audio recording. It is simple yet effective. You can begin recording your voice or any other audio that is playing on your computer with just one click. It is perfect for novices and infrequent users due to its easy-to-use interface and controls.

Steps 1: Click on the Start menu and then search for “Voice Recorder.”

Steps 2: To begin the record, click the “microphone icon”.

Step 3: When your recording is done, click the Stop button.

Step 4: Give the record a name and location of your choosing.

2. Game Bar:

Game Bar, which was made mostly with gamers in mind. And provided an easy option to record both your gameplay and commentary at the same time. But it can do more than just play games; you can record any audio that’s playing on your computer. You may simply record lectures, podcasts, or even online music broadcasts with a few clicks and keystrokes.

  • To access the Game Bar, simultaneously press the Windows key and G.
  • Click the “Capture” widget and choose “Audio.”
  • Select “Start Recording” from the menu.
  • When you’re done, click “Stop Recording”
  • Open the “Captures” folder to view the recording.

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3. Audacity:

Both ordinary users and audio enthusiasts can benefit from this robust, free audio recording and editing program. You may personalize your recording experience with Audacity thanks to its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface. You can record particular audio sources, such as “Stereo Mix” or “What You Hear.” Furthermore, its extensive editing features enable you to polish and improve your recordings, producing output of industry-standard quality.

  • Download Audacity and then install it.
  • Make sure you can hear the playing by connecting your speakers or headphones.
  • You have to choose “What You Hear” or “Stereo Mix” as the recording device in Audacity.
  • To start recording your audio, click on “Record” button.
  • When you’re done, click “Stop”.

How to record computer audio on Mac

There are plenty of alternatives available to Mac users when it comes to computer audio recording. Apple’s built-in tools and easily accessible virtual solutions offer a variety of choices to meet a variety of needs:

Like Windows, macOS offers a number of choices for recording computer audio:

1. QuickTime Player:

With its integrated audio recording capability, this adaptable media player is a practical option for recording your voice. And to record any system audio that is now playing on your Mac. You can begin and stop recordings with few clicks, and save them in a variety of formats for your convenience.

  • First, launch QuickTime Player.
  • Proceed by selecting “File” > “New Audio Recording.”
  • Hover your cursor over the record button and choose “Internal Microphone.”
  • To begin recording your audio, hit on record button.
  • When you’re done, click “Stop”.
  • Give the recording a name and location of your choosing.

2. Soundflower

Your Mac’s powerful audio routing capabilities get unlocked with this virtual audio driver. You can record audio from any source including system sounds and inside apps. By installing Soundflower, even if their default output settings are different. You can capture audio from particular programs. And even merge audio from several sources into a single recording thanks to this versatility.

  • Install the virtual audio driver Soundflower by downloading it.
  • Select Sound under System Preferences.
  • You have to assign “Internal Microphone” as input device and “Soundflower (2ch)” as output device.
  • Launch Audacity or QuickTime, or any other audio recording program.
  • Choose “Soundflower (2ch)” as the device to record on.
  • For each software, adhere to the recording instructions listed above.

3. Software for Screen Recording:

Many screen recording programs, such as ScreenFlow and Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro, provide built-in audio recording options. Along with their screen capture functions. These applications offer a complete solution for concurrently recording the audio and video components of online calls, presentations, and even software demos.

There are several screen recording programs with integrated audio recording features, such as Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro and ScreenFlow.

To record the sound and visual activities on your computer, adhere to the directions given by each software.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Recordings

To guarantee excellent audio recordings, whichever platform you select, take into account these useful suggestions:

  • Utilize high-quality headphones or speakers:

The capture of precise and undistorted audio is greatly dependent on the audio output device. Invest in top-notch speakers or headphones to make sure you hear your recordings the way others will.

Minimize background noise: When recording, pick a calm area to prevent unintentional noise pollution. Closing programs that aren’t needed and turning off alerts will help your recordings become even clearer.

Experiment with recording settings: The majority of recording software provides a number of audio quality-affected parameters. You can find the perfect balance between file size and audio fidelity by experimenting with different bit depths. And also with sampling rates, and other settings.

Embrace audio editing tools: Basic editing features are included in a lot of software programs for audio recording. Make use of these tools to add audio effects, improve clarity, and eliminate unwanted noise from your recordings to give them a polished, professional look.

how to record computer audio


Knowing how to record computer audio is useful for a variety of digital applications. On both Windows and macOS, you may easily record sound from your computer by using the techniques described in this post. Don’t forget to try different strategies and pick the one that best fits your requirements and tastes.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I record my screen with audio?

Ans: Press Windows + G to open the recording window and begin Windows screen recording with audio. If you press t Windows + Alt + R keys that will also initiate recording automatically.

Q2: Why can’t I record audio on my laptop?

Ans: Reasons for it are:
Outdated audio driver, audio recording settings, a malfunctioning microphone, or microphone settings on third-party software.

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