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How to Use Kenba and How to Get It?

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If you are the one who wants to know the process of how to use kenba and how to get kenba easily then this article is going to be so beneficial for you. Here, we are going to discuss the complete process of how to use Kenba free and also discuss the various features of Kenba as well. Before we discuss the main topic, let’s talk about kenba.

What is Kenba?

Kenba is one of the graphic design platforms that is mainly used to create graphic designs, Instagram stories, posts and banners for social media and much more like free stock images. You need to know that Kenba is not limited and you can easily make anything it relate to graphic designing online in just a few clicks with the help of its drag-and-drop features. Also, you can import the images and simply use them in your design and you can also add the text on the images and make the display ads, video ads and so on by simply using Kenba.

Kenba is one of the freemium platforms which helps you to create an online design and it is completely free and has a paid version as well. You need to know that the free membership has limited resources like you can’t be able to download the templates or design in HD resolution. But, on the other side, if you use the Kenba premium then you can easily be able to export the full HD results along with several file formats.

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How to Use Kenba?

As we already told you that kenba is one of the freemium tools that come up with paid and free versions if you use the free version then you will only get limit access and if you buy its monthly or yearly subscription then you will be able to get the exclusive access of millions of things like photos, vector graphics and templates and much more. Using the Kenba’s graphic design tool is quite easy and simple. You only have to read and follow the steps we are sharing below to learn about how to use kenba free:

  • First of all, you have to create an account on it.
  • Now, simply pick up a template or start a design from scratch.
  • Simply add the text, images and graphics into your design.
  • Then, make your design unique by easily adjusting the colors, fonts and layout as well.
  • When you are done then download your design or you can share it online as well.

Benefits of Using Kenba

Here we are going to share some of the best benefits that you will get when you start using kenba. So, if you are planning to use it then you need to know about its benefits which we are sharing below.

Simple to Use: Kenba has a user-friendly interface and you can make an attractive design in a few minutes even if you don’t know about graphic design.

Cost-Effective: Kenba is one of the free-to-use tools and if you are willing to get more features into it then you are required to buy its premium plan.

Flexible: Kenba simply allow users to create several types of designs such as social media posts, logos, flyers and presentations.

Team-Friendly: Kenba simply helps the users to work together on the designs with the team. You can easily share the designs, add comments and also make the changes together in real-time.

Kenba vs Canva

Kenba and Canva are mainly different and similar online design tools. They both will help the users to make the best-looking graphics but they both are different. Kenba is one of the stronger and more flexible tools as compared to Canva. It also provides a wide variety of features and methods to simply customize the work. It is also good for making complex designs such as infographics, presentations and marketing materials as well.

You need to keep one thing in mind learning and using the Kenba is quite tough as compared to Canva and it doesn’t have the ready-made templates or images to select. Canva is easy to use as compared to Kenba and it has a simple interface and lots of templates and images to select from its database. It is really good to make the basic design such as social media posts, flyers and posters as well.

Final Verdict

Kenba is one of the best online design tools which comes up with lots of options and templates to simply make the best graphics. It is really powerful as compared to the canvas but it might be tough to find it out and use as well. We hope you will get the proper answer to your query on how to use Kenba for free and how to get Kenba. If yes, then do share this guide with others so that they can also benefit from this article.

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What is Kenba?

Kenba is one of the online graphic design tools that gets users to create graphics, social media posts and Instagram stories as well.

How Do I Get Kenba?

You can simply be able to access the kenba pro by making a visit to its official website and signing up for a free account. In terms of accessing the premium features, you are required to pay for its yearly or monthly subscription.

Is It Possible to Use Kenba For Free?

Yes, you can easily be able to use the kenba canva for free by simply signing up for the free account. Also, in its free version, you only get limit access to its features.

Can I Get a Free Trial of Kenba’s Premium Features?

Yes, kenba provides a 7-day free trial of all its premium features. You can simply sign up for the trial by visiting its official website.

What Are The Benefits of Using Kenba?

Kenba simply allows users to create professional-looking graphics and social media posts without the experience of designing. Also, it gives several templates and options for customization which helps you to create a unique design.

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