How to Buy Storage on iPhone

How to Buy Storage on iPhone – A Comprehensive Guide



The amount of storage capacity you require is among the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing an iPhone. From 64GB to 1TB, there are many different storage options available for iPhones. You should pick an iPhone with a greater storage space if you intend to take a lot of pictures and videos, store a lot of movies and music, or download a lot of programs.

On your iPhone, you are unable to purchase more physical storage. When you buy an iPhone, the storage is fixed. To keep your pictures, movies, documents, and other files on the cloud, you can, however, purchase more iCloud storage space.

ICloud storage: What is it?

Apple provides a cloud-based storage solution called iCloud storage. You can do this by storing your data in the cloud and accessing it from any internet-connected device. To restore your data if you ever lose your iPhone or it is damaged, iCloud is also used to back up your iPhone.

How much iCloud storage do I require?

Depending on how you use your iPhone, you may need a certain amount of iCloud storage. You might be able to get by with the complimentary 5GB of iCloud storage that comes with an iPhone if you don’t capture a lot of pictures or videos, save a lot of music and movies, or download a lot of apps.

However, you’ll undoubtedly need to buy more iCloud storage space if you capture a lot of pictures and videos, save a lot of movies and music, or install a lot of apps. Plans for iCloud+ storage range from 50GB for $0.99 a month to 2 TB for $9.99 a month. A 200GB plan costs $2.99 per month, and a 1TB plan costs $4.99 per month.

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How to purchase additional iCloud storage

To purchase more iCloud storage:

  • Go to Manage Account Storage or Manage Storage under Settings > [Your name] > iCloud.
  • Tap Change Storage Plan or Upgrade to iCloud+.
  • Decide on a plan of action and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Guidelines for expanding storage on your iPhone

There are several things you can do to clear up space if your iPhone is low on storage:

  • Delete games and programs you don’t use.
  • Get rid of outdated pictures and videos.
  • Before deleting them from your iPhone, back up your images and videos to iCloud or another cloud storage platform.
  • Utilize iCloud’s Optimize iPhone Storage function. With this function, your iPhone will automatically save smaller, lower-quality versions of high-quality images and movies in iCloud.
  • Instead of downloading music to your iPhone, use music streaming apps like Apple Music and Spotify.
  • Instead of storing documents and other items on your iPhone, use iCloud or another cloud-based storage service.

Services for third-party cloud storage

You can also use a third-party cloud storage service like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox if you require more storage capacity than iCloud+ provides. These services provide a range of storage plans, some of which are less expensive than iCloud+.

For your iPhone to be configured to use a third-party cloud storage service:

  • Install the app for the cloud storage service from the App Store.
  • You will be Create a new account/log in to an existing one.
  • For guidance on turning on cloud storage for your iPhone, consult the app.
  • You can start storing your pictures, movies, documents, and other items in the cloud once you’ve enabled cloud storage. 
  • Additionally, you may access your files from any internet-connected device.


If your iPhone is running out of storage, you can add more iCloud storage or utilize a different cloud storage provider. You can also delete useless apps and games, purge outdated photographs and videos, and use streaming services rather than downloading music and album downloads to free up storage space on your iPhone.

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