How to Track iPhone Using IMEI

Guide on How to Track iPhone Using IMEI

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It’s more important than ever to monitor a lost or stolen iPhone in the fast-paced digital world. Fortunately, using your device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is one of the best ways to track it down. We will go over every aspect of how to track an iPhone using IMEI in this extensive guide. This post will include the significance of IMEI, the detailed procedure, potential legal implications, and other tracking options.

Understanding what IMEI is

IMEI is a unique identifying number that is linked to every mobile device including iphones. It acts as a kind of digital fingerprint that enables device identification. This 15-digit code is important for many things, like activating your phone on network, reporting it stolen, and locating it.

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Significance of Tracking iPhones Using IMEI

You can track iphone by imei free of cost when it disappears because of some reason. IMEI tracking has a wider reach than other approaches that depend on the device’s built-in functions, including ‘Find My iPhone’. IMEI increases likelihood of recovery by allowing authorities and service-providers to determine device’s last known location, even when its offline.

Step-by-Step Guide to Track iPhone Using IMEI

1. Locating the IMEI: 

The first thing to do is to locate the stolen or lost iPhone’s IMEI number. You can get it by doing following things:

  • On the iPhone’s keypad, enter *#06#.
  • Examine the original packing for the device.
  • On your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ option, then to ‘General’ and finally to ‘About’.

2. Reporting the Loss: 

Notify the local law enforcement of the loss or theft as soon as you obtain the IMEI number. Give them the IMEI number and any additional information that they ask. This is a important step in starting the tracking process and generating legal paperwork.

3. Contacting your Service Provider:

Speak with your mobile service provider and let them know what’s going on. Give the IMEI number and ask for help to locate the iPhone. They could be able to locate the last known location or offer important details that facilitate recovery.

Using IMEI Tracking Services

Using IMEI numbers, a variety of internet sites and outside services are experts at tracking devices. Some may demand a fee, but others provide free basic tracking services. While choosing them Stay clear of their frauds, use caution and select reliable providers.

Cooperating with Law Enforcement:

In order to find and recover stolen/lost iPhones, law enforcement authorities have permission to work with mobile service providers. Give them all the information they need, including the IMEI number, to increase the likelihood of a full recovery.

Legal Considerations:

It is noteworthy that utilizing a device’s IMEI to trace it is subject to legal restrictions. Even if the goal is recovery, unauthorized access to another person’s device data may result in legal consequences. To guarantee legal compliance and to increase likelihood of a successful and legal recovery, law enforcement and service providers should always get involved.

Alternative Methods for iPhone Tracking

Although IMEI monitoring is an effective technique, there are other approaches to find a misplaced or stolen iPhone:

1. Find My iPhone: 

While choosing finest IMEI tracker for an iPhone take into consideration accuracy, ease of use, and extra features. This demand is met by a number of reliable services and applications. “Find My iPhone,” an official Apple service, is one noteworthy example. With this built-in feature, users can remotely lock their iPhones, find them, play sounds, and, if needed, delete their data. If the device is online, real-time tracking is made possible by iCloud. It is one of the best imei tracker for iphone.

2. Google Timeline:

If you have Google Maps installed on your iPhone and have enabled location history. Google Timeline can give you information about where your device has been recently.

3. IMEI Tracker Pro:

Another dependable choice is “IMEI Tracker Pro”. The App Store is home to this third-party program, which has extra features like geo-fencing, location history, and easy-to-use UI. To protect your device and data, always be cautious and select programs that have good ratings and a reliable reputation.

4. Third-Party Tracking Apps: 

The App Store is home to a large number of third-party apps that provide extra tracking features. Features like geofencing, location history, and real-time tracking get frequently included with these programs.

Track iPhone online free

best imei tracker for iphone

iphone users can track phone using imei online free as lots of websites provide free IMEI tracing services. Though, you should proceed cautiously while dealing with these websites & forums. Using the “IMEI Tracker Online” tool that many websites offer is one method that is frequently suggested. Users should exercise caution, though, as there may be scams or unapproved access to private data. Basic tracking capabilities may be provided for free by legitimate services, but more sophisticated ones may cost money.

Remember that official channels, contacting your mobile service provider and reporting to police authorities, are essential parts of monitoring process. Security and legality should always come before supposedly free fixes.


Knowing how to track an iPhone using IMEI can greatly improve chances of recovery if it gets lost or stolen. The significance of IMEI, detailed tracking procedure, potential legal consequences, and alternate approaches have got covered in this manual. To guarantee a legal and effective recovery process, never forget to include law enforcement and service providers. Users may protect their precious gadgets and personal data by being proactive and recognizing the power of IMEI tracing.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can you track a switched off iPhone?

Ans: iPhone that has lost/stolen can get located using Apple’s Find My network, even if its offline or turned off. The iPhone must have Find My Network enabled before it getting lost for this to function. Only the iPhone 11 and later versions support this capability.

Q2: How can I get free tracking on my iPhone?

Ans: Using Find My app, you may mark your phone as lost so that it is locked with a passcode. Until you find it again, locate it on a map, and hear a sound if it is close. Additionally, you can use the website to locate it.

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