how to use quiet mode on instagram

How To Use Quiet Mode on Instagram?

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How to Use Quiet Mode On Instagram: Some studies say that the use of mobile phones needs to be limited to two hours a day, and it is also estimated that the average is nearly five hours, and majorly half of that time will be spent on social media. It also led Instagram to have unique features like Quiet Mode. To know more about what quiet Mode is, you simply need to check out this article till the end.

What is Quiet Mode On Instagram?

Instagram’s quiet Mode is one of the features in which you can pause the notification and also send an automatic response warning of the inactivity to the users who have sent you a private message. Simply put, it will update the status from active to inactive instantly. It is one of the Instagram’s latest feature to date. Quiet Mode on Instagram for everyone is one of the incorporating features to retain the users simply, and it mainly aims to do the opposite. Also, it will help people simply concentrate and disconnect from social media.

Quiet Mode is mainly available in some countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Instagram is still planning to roll out this feature in more countries.

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What Does Quiet Mode On Instagram Do?

Quiet Mode mainly aims to increase concentration and improve the rest and also limit the use of Instagram as the average time the users spend on this platform increases and becomes one of the distractions that will harm the performance. In simple, the major objective is for Instagram to become the least toxic and invasive social network and also to serve a lot of entertainment within healthy time limits.

In terms of getting this, quiet Mode takes place, and when you activate it, your status will automatically change to quiet Mode, and you will not get any notification at all. If someone sends you a private message, then they will get an automatic response that says that you are in quiet Mode and can’t respond until it gets turned off.

This quiet Mode is also similar to the do-not-disturb feature on Android or iOS, but it only affects Instagram. It means that you can still get notifications from other apps like emails or text messages.

How To Use Quiet Mode on Instagram on your iPhone?

Here, we are going to share simple and easy steps that you can follow to activate Quiet Mode on Instagram simply and easily and help you learn about how to use Quiet Mode on Instagram Android.

  • First of all, you have to open the Instagram app.
  • Now, simply click on the profile picture, which appears at the bottom right side.
  • Then, click on the three lines that appear at the top right side.
  • After this, you have to enter the settings and then click on the notifications option.
  • Under the notifications, you will see the quiet mode option.
  • If that option doesn’t appear, then it may be because this feature is not available in your country, or it might be possible that your Instagram version is outdated.
  • You have to keep your app updated and toggle the switch to On.

Also, you can opt to have the quiet Mode turn on automatically at a particular time. To do this, you have to click on the from and to fields, and then you have to select the time you are in quiet Mode to be active. When these steps take place, then quiet Mode will be activated. You will not get any notification from the instructor during the indicated number of hours.

quiet mode on instagram for everyone

Other New Features On Instagram

Apart from the quiet Mode, Instagram also comes up with some other new features like quite striking or hidden words. It is one of the features that simply allows the users to hide the posts, recommendations, and comments that contain some particular words. The most valuable feature of hidden words is that every user will be able to select their terms in the settings > privacy > interactions. There, you will see this option and also be able to select the words or phrases that you are willing to block.

The main aim of the hidden words is for the new users to simply get the content in line with their interests and values and to avoid offensive, harmful, and uninteresting messages. The other new feature is I’m not interested, which allows the users to simply hide the posts that are not interesting or don’t provide valuable information.

This latest feature is available in Explore, and you are have to click on the post and then simply click on the option of I don’t linke in the pop-up window that appears at the bottom. When you indicate that particular content is relevant or interesting to you, then Instagram’s algorithms will try not to show it to you.

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How To Do Instagram Quiet Mode?

You can simply turn the quiet Mode on or off on Instagram by simply following these steps:
Make a click on our profile picture, which appears at the bottom right side.
Now, click on the top right and then click on the settings and privacy option.
Here, you have to click on the notification option.
After this, click on the quiet mode option.

How Do People Go In Quiet Mode On Instagram?

It simply helps people focus and disconnect from social media. Also, quiet Mode is mainly available in some countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Still, Instagram is planning to roll out this major update in other countries.

What Does Sent Silently Mean On Instagram?

The best thing about the Instagram silent message feature is how easy it is to simply pull off. Adding in front of the message will simply ensure the recipient to not get a notification. You have to type silent and then simply insert a space, and then you have to type the intended message, and you are all set to go.

Final Verdict

Analyzing the latest features of Instagram, we conclude that the social network is mainly working towards improving the user experience by simply ensuring that people get relevant, interesting, and quality content. We need to wait for these features to be available in our country so that we can start taking advantage quickly.

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