Offering a variety of cloud-based communication services and solutions, Route Mobile is a top provider of cloud communications platforms. The organization serves a wide range of clients worldwide from its headquarters in Mumbai, India. With the help of services from Route Mobile, businesses can interact with their clients via SMS, phone calls, emails, and Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging apps like WhatsApp.

The following are some of the main products and services that Route Mobile provides:

  • SMS Services: Route Mobile offers bulk SMS services that let companies send text messages to their clientele for marketing, engagement, and transactional notifications, among other uses.
  • Voice Services: The Company provides voice-based communication services, such as voice call APIs, voice broadcasting, and IVR (interactive voice response) systems.
  • Email Services: To assist organizations in efficiently sending and managing email correspondence, Route Mobile offers email delivery and administration solutions.
  • OTT Communication Services: Route Mobile facilitates safe and interactive communication between businesses and consumers via well-known OTT messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  • Phone Number Verification: To guarantee the security of user accounts and online transactions, Route Mobile provides services for phone number verification and authentication.
  • Two-factor authorization: The Company offers 2FA solutions to add an extra layer of authorization by voice calls or SMS, hence improving the security of online services.
  • Mobile Marketing: Via SMS and other social communication channels, Route Mobile helps businesses contact their intended consumers through mobile marketing campaigns.

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Numerous industries, such as e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and more, use Route Mobile’s services to boost consumer engagement, facilitate communication, and guarantee the security of online transactions. The corporation is a major contributor to the efficient and safe communication that businesses can have with their clients via a variety of digital platforms.

Typically, using Route Mobile’s service entails creating an account with the business, gaining access to their platform, and customizing the offerings to suit your unique communication requirements.

How to use Route Mobiles

The fundamental procedures for how to use Route Mobile are as follows:

  1. Create an account by going to the Route Mobile website. It could be necessary for you to submit contact information, corporate information, and any particular communication needs.
  2. You can choose the services that suit your needs when you have an account. These could consist of OTT messaging services, email services, voice services, SMS services, and more.
  3. You might need to link Route Mobile with your current systems and apps, according to the services you select. Usually, this entails sending and receiving calls, texts, and notifications from your platform via Route Mobile’s APIs.
  4. Set up the characteristics of your communication, including sender IDs, routing rules, and message templates. Tailor the message’s content and format to your company’s identity and communication objectives.
  5. It is crucial to test your communication services before implementing them to make sure that the services function as intended and that messages are delivered accurately.

It is advisable to consult Route Mobile’s records and support assets for comprehensive guidance on utilizing their services, as the particular actions and functionalities offered may differ. Their platform might also offer an easy-to-use dashboard for setting up and managing your communication services.


A well-known provider of cloud-based communications platforms, Route Mobile provides businesses and organizations with an extensive array of cloud-based communication options. Companies can use Route Mobile’s services to boost communication, increase customer engagement, and guarantee the security of online transactions.

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