how to watch youtube tv on tv

How To Watch YouTube TV On Smart TV?

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The YouTube app is one of the best methods to watch YouTube videos on a smartphone, tablet, or also on laptop. If you are willing to watch YouTube on your TV, things become pretty complicated. The best thing is that there are many methods to stream YouTube on TV. Here, we will share all the details you need to know to watch YouTube on TV. So, if you are interested in learning all the details about how to watch youtube tv on smart tv, then keep reading this article till the end.

Use Smart TV

how to watch youtube tv on tv

Things become pretty easy if you have a modern smart TV, which is any TV with an internet connection that allows the users to stream the content directly from the web on their screen. Most of the modern tv comes up with the YouTube preinstalled. If your TV is Android, then it is confirmed that you have the YouTube app.

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On Your TV, Select the YouTube App

You are simply required to find the red and white YouTube icon along with the white triangle on the app screen of the TV or the gaming console. You will be landed on the sign-in screen after opening the app. You need to ensure to download the apps from the app store on your TV or game console if you previously have not downloaded them.

Sign in to YouTube

You can be able to view your favorite videos and also be able to add new ones to your favorites and much more because of this. You can simply use one of the three options on the screen to make a login and get an answer on how to watch YouTube TV on TV.

  • In terms of signing in with the help of the YouTube app on your device, you must simply select the sign-in with the mobile device. To watch YouTube on TV, you must use a phone or tablet with the YouTube app and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • When you select one, you must open the YouTube app on your device and then log into it.
  • To simply sign in with the Google account with the help of the on-screen keyboard on your TV, select the sign in option.
  • To use the browser on any computer, tablet, or phone connected with the same Wi-Fi, you are required to select the sign-in with a web browser option.

Start Watching Videos

Now that you have signed in, you can simply use your smart TV remote control or the game controller to select the video. You can also be able to use the same remote to merely pause and skin and also to browse some additional videos as well.

Using a Chromecast

One of the simple methods to stream YouTube on your TV is using Chromecast. In terms of using Chromecast, you don’t need to have a smart TV; you can simply insert the gadget into the HDMI port of your TV to merely cast YouTube content from your mobile, tablet, or computer. Having a Chromecast needs:

  • A TV has an HDMI port.
  • Google Chromecast
  • Internet access
  • A Google Chromecast and YouTube app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device. Install your computer’s Google Chrome web browser if you want to stream YouTube from it.

To use this, usingmecasChromecastromecasChromecast, devoured to be connected with the stonework. When you have a Chromecast, then set it up simply. To connect the Chromecast to the internet, you are required to hoot it with an HDMI port and power supply.

Using an Amazon Fire TV

If you don’t have a Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV will make viewing YouTube on the TV screen easy. You can simply use this method if your smart TV is an Amazon Fire TV model, as some smart TVs have the Fire TV preinstalled on them. If your TV doesn’t have the Fire TV edition, then you can consider buying an Amazon Fire TV stick. It has its interface, preinstalled apps, and the Amazon app store.

how to watch youtube tv on smart tv
  • You need to set up and install your Fire TV, and you can simply skip this step if the Fire TV is installed on your TV already.
  • Simply insert the Fire TV stick into an accessible HDMI port of your TV before starting the power supply.
  • If the remote and TV are not paired yet, press and hold the home button until you see a prompt on the TV screen.
  • Now, you have to connect your Fire TV Sitka to your Wi-Fi network, and then you will simply reach the home screen when you get connected.
  • Simply select the apps on the menu and then select the YouTube app and simply download it.
  • You have to open the YouTube app and then make a login into it with your account in the web browser ent, er your code from the TV, and click on the next button.
  • After this, simply select allow access in your browser, and you are all set to go.

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How Do I Search On YouTube On My Smart TV?

The YouTube app is mainly available on many smart TVs, streaming devices, and game consoles. You have to simply sign in to the app, view the subscribed channels search for the content, and simply use your mobile device as the remote.

Do All Smart TVs have YouTube?

Most of the latest Samsung, LG, and Sony smart TVs have preinstalled YouTube. If your TV is Android, you have the Youtube preinstalled into it.

Is YouTube Only On Smart TV?

A straightforward method to stream YouTube to your TV is using Chromecast. In terms of using it, you don’t need to have a Smart TV, and you can simply insert a small gadget into the HDMI port to cast the YouTube content from your mobile device or computer device.

Final Verdict

Reading this whole article will make it clear to you how to watch YouTube TV on smart TV. If this article is helpful for you, then share it with others so they can also benefit from it. Also, in case of trouble about how to watch youtube tv for free, you can connect with us by dropping a comment below.

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