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On September 1, interest on federal student loans resumed after a three-year break. Lots of borrowers will pay off their education loans in October for the first time since before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Borrowers should understand the implications of the new changes for them, according to experts, because interest accrual on federal student loans operates differently based on your loan type and life status.

According to an analysis by higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz, the suspension on student loan payments, that was in effect since March 2020, saved the average borrower $5,000 in interest. The interest rates on the loans are now again between 3% and 7%, as they were before the pandemic.

On the 31st of August 2023, student debt repayment is supposed to start again. This deadline, which the Biden administration stated in April 2023, signals the conclusion of a string of extensions to the student loan repayment moratorium that started in March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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What to anticipate once student loan repayment has resumed?

Borrowers will need to start paying back their loans whenever student loan repayment starts again. Additionally, to get their debts out of default, borrowers who have fallen behind on payments must begin making payments once more.

Federal student loan borrowers have several choices for repaying their debts, including:

The default repayment schedule, known as the “standard repayment,” calls for borrowers to pay equal monthly installments over ten years.

Graduated repayment: Under this arrangement, initial monthly payments are smaller and gradually rise over time.

Extended repayment: Under this strategy, borrowers are given the option of repaying their debt over 30 years.

Income-driven repayment (IDR) plans: These set a monthly payment cap for borrowers based on a portion of their income.

Private student loan borrowers must get in touch with their lenders to find out about their repayment choices.

How to get ready for the return of repayment of student loans?

To get ready for the restart of student loan payments, borrowers might take the following steps:

Review of your loan the details: Make sure you are aware of your loan balance, interest rate, and available choices for repayment. You can contact your loan servicer or visit their website to acquire this information.

Refresh your budget: You can adjust your budget to account for this extra expense once you’ve determined how much your monthly payments on student loans will be.

Consider loan consolidation: You might be able to combine your student loans into one with a cheaper interest rate if you have several of them.

Your ability to handle your monthly payments may improve as a result.

Examine your choices for repayment: There are several loan repayment options accessible to you if you are having trouble making your installments. To find out more about your choices, get in touch with your loan servicer.

Resources for borrowers of student loans

Borrowers of student loans can find a variety of resources, such as:

The website for federal student aid: This website offers details on federal loans for students, including choices for repayment and loan forgiveness programs.

CFPB: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB offers resources and information on student loans, notably a toolbox for debt repayment.

The NFCC (National Foundation Credit Counselling): for The NFCC is a nonprofit company that provides free debt management and credit counseling services.

American College Assistance (ASA): is a non-profit company that offers free debt management and financial counseling to people who have taken out college loans.


So we get the answer to the question “When do student loans resume” On August 31, 2023, student debt repayment is supposed to start again. Evaluating their loan information, revising their budget, thinking about combining their loans, and looking into their repayment alternatives are all ways that borrowers can get ready for the restart of payments. The Federal Student Aid web page, the CFPB, the NFCC, and ASA are just a few of the services accessible to aid borrowers of student loans.

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