PDF Not Opening In Chrome

How to Fix PDF Not Opening In Chrome?

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As you know, the Chrome web browser has its own built-in PDF viewer feature. With this, you can open the PDF files with the help of Chrome. If your PDF not opening in Chrome, it might be possible that your Chrome settings are incorrect, or there may be something wrong with your Chrome. In terms of getting rid of this issue, we will provide you with some of the best methods to help you fix this problem simply and quickly.

You can view PDFs and to is, which is a convenient feature. The issue of the Chrome PDF viewer not working may happen for some reason. So, what can you do? When can you open PDF in Chrome? If you want to get the answer, you must keep reading this article until the end.

How to Fix PDFs Not Opening in Chrome?

How to Fix PDF Not Opening In Chrome?

Here, we are sharing some quick methods you can follow to fix this issue. Later on, we will discuss every method in a detailed manner.

  • Disable PDF Downloads in Chrome
  • Use Chrome in Incognito Mode
  • Use Cleanup in Chrome
  • Upgrade Chrome
  • Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome
  • Use Hardware Acceleration
  • Reset Chrome

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Method 1: Disable PDF Downloads in Chrome

When you are willing to view the PDF using Chrome, you will find out that a browser downloads it instead of opening it. To fix it, you have to download the PDF downloads feature in Chrome by following these steps.

  • Make a click on the three-dot menu in Chrome.
  • Now, go to settings > privacy and security > site settings.
  • Simply scroll down to the content section and click on the additional content settings.
  • Here, you are required to select the PDF documents option,
  • You must turn off the switch to download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome.

You need to know that this method doesn’t work for all PDF files, and you may find that your Chrome still downloads some of the PDF files instead of opening them directly. If it still happens to you, you can continue reading this article to know the following method.

Method 2: Use Chrome in Incognito Mode

If you installed some of the extensions in Chrome, you have to consider that this issue mainly occurs with one extension. If you see more than one extension, it may be tough to find the culprit. You can follow these steps to find it out.

  • First, you can use Chrome in incognito mode to check whether it is an extension-related issue.
  • You can click on the three-dot menu in Chrome and then simply select the new incognito window.
  • Now, you can simply try to open the PDF file with the help of Chrome to see whether it opens successfully or not.
  • If yes, then it is an extension which is creating the Chrome PDF viewer not working issue.

Method 3: Use Cleanup In Chrome

There are also chances that PDF won’t open in Chrome in incognito mode. If yes, then your computer may infected by malware or viruses. It would help if you took some measures to clear your computer to find and remove the viruses and malware. You can use the Chrome built-in cleanup tool to find out the harmful software on your device and then simply remove it.

  • You have to click on the three-dot menu in Chrome.
  • Now, simply go to settings > advanced > reset and clean up.
  • Here, you have to click on the cleanup computer.
  • Then, you need to click the find button to check out your device’s harmful software.

It will take time to complete the whole process, and you must wait until it ends.

Method 4: Upgrade Chrome

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If you have not updated your Chrome, then there is are chance that the fix pdf is not opening in Google Chrome issue takes place. So, you have to update your Chrome to fix this issue. To upgrade your Chrome, click on the three-dot menu and enter into help > about Google Chrome. Now, Chrome will perform the auto-update on the new page if available.

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Why Are PDF Files Not Opening In Chrome?

You must click on the 33 dots at the top right side of the browser window. Now, click on settings > privacy and security > site settings > PDF documents. Here, you have to enable the PDF and then simply try to open the PDF files in Chrome again.

How Do I Make PDF Open in Chrome?

You need to make a right click on any of the PDF on your system adn then click on properties > open with” and then select Google Chrome. Now, click OK, and it will simply switch the default reader.

Why Is PDF Not Opening In Chrome Android?

If you cannot open PDFs in the Chrome mobile app on your Android device, it may be because the Chrome Android app does not provide this feature. As its Android app doesn’t support the plug-ins, it also doesn’t have the built-in PDF viewer. So, you are required to use any other app like the UPDF for Android to open the PDF simply.

Final Verdict

These are all the methods which help you to understand the whole process of how to fix PDFs not opening in Chrome. We hope that this article assists you properly towards the process of how to fix the pdf not opening issue. If yes then share this article with others and also share your feedback with us towards the usefulness of this article.

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