Downloading Microsoft Office Removal Tool

Downloading Microsoft Office Removal Tool for Windows and Mac



Microsoft Office remains an essential tool for millions of users worldwide. However, the need to uninstall the office suite may arise for various reasons. Such as upgrading to a newer version, switching to another platform, or freeing up storage space. This post provides a guide on how to download Microsoft Office Removal Tool for both Windows and Mac users.

Downloading Microsoft Office Removal Tool

Windows Users- Uninstalling Office with Ease

There are two main ways for Windows users to remove Microsoft Office:

1. Control Panel: Using the “Programs and Features” interface, users can uninstall certain Office apps or the complete suite using this conventional way.

2. Microsoft Office Removal Tool: This specialized tool efficiently deletes Office and its leftover files. It is especially useful when there are several Office versions or incomplete uninstalls.

Downloading the Microsoft Office Removal Tool for Windows

Firstly navigate to the official Microsoft website. Then from there download the appropriate removal tool based on your Office version. To make your task easier, we have provided links for various version of Microsoft office in this post. You can click on them and get redirected to official website of Microsoft.

  • For Office 365, Office 2016, and Office 2013:
  • For Office 2010:
  • For Office 2007:

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Uninstalling Office using the Removal Tool on Windows

  • Shut down every Office program.
  • Double-click the removal tool file that you downloaded.
  • Decide which Office version to uninstall.
  • Observe the screen guidelines displayed to you.
  • To make sure get implemented, restart your computer/laptop.

Mac Users- Streamlining Office Removal

You can remove Microsoft Office from Mac computers using one of two main methods:

1. Finder: Users can drag and drop Office programs to the Trash using this built-in utility.

2. Microsoft Office Uninstall Tool: This specialized tool offers  more thorough uninstall procedure by eliminating leftover files and guaranteeing total removal.

Downloading the Microsoft Office Uninstall Tool for Mac

If you are a Mac users can download the uninstall tool by navigating to official website of Microsoft. After that download the most appropriate removal tool based on your Office version. To make your work easy, we have shared links for it below in this post. You can directly click on it and get directed to official website of Microsoft. And from there directly download the required tool from the following link:

Downloading Microsoft Office Removal Tool

Uninstalling Office using the Uninstall Tool on Mac

  • Shut down every Office program.
  • Launch the uninstall tool package (PKG) that you downloaded.
  • To remove Office, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.
  • Take out Office files from the Library folder of your user.
  • Turn on your PC again.

Additional Tips for Successful Uninstallation

  • Backup your data: Make a backup of any crucial files, including presentations, spreadsheets, and documents, before uninstalling.
  • Deactivate Office 365: Deactivate any active subscriptions to prevent billing problems.
  • Disable antivirus software: The removal procedure gets hampered by your antivirus program. Keep it off for the entire duration of the process.
  • Troubleshoot common issues: Seek help from Microsoft’s support resources if you run into any faults or issues.


You can download Microsoft Office Removal Tool for your system by following this thorough guide. You can successfully removed office suite from a Mac or Windows computer. Don’t forget to make a backup of your data, cancel subscriptions, and troubleshoot any potential problems. It can be simple to remove Microsoft Office from your computer. So that you can update, transfer to a different platform, or free up storage for other productivity apps.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How can I remove Office more quickly?

Ans: Using the Control Panel is the fastest method. In Windows 10, type control panel into the Start menu. After hitting Enter, select Uninstall a program. Next, choose Microsoft 365 and hit the Uninstall button.

Q2: How can I clear MS office cache?

Ans: In any Office host, excluding Outlook follow these steps:
From the ribbon, go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Add-in Catalogs.
Check the box. Clear the cache for all previously launched web add-ins the next time Office launches.

Q3: If I uninstall Microsoft Office, would I lose all of my documents?

Ans: Removing Microsoft 365 from your computer merely gets rid of the software itself. It doesn’t get rid of any files, documents, or workbooks you made with it.

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