how to add dashboards to UnleashX

How to add dashboards to UnleashX


If you use UnleashX, then you will want to learn how to add dashboards to UnleashX and we tell you exactly that in this post.


UnleashX is a custom dashboard for the original Xbox designed to replace the default Microsoft dashboard. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization possibilities. It lets users customize the Xbox dashboard’s look and feel with options for things like:

  • A Modifiable menu layout
  • An Assortment of skinning choices
  • Integrated text editor
  • Image saver
  • A FTP server or client
  • A downloader and browser for game saves
  • Menu for formatting
  • Support for screenshots and videos of game and application previews
how to add dashboards to UnleashX

Benefits of using UnleashX

  • Increased customization: Users can alter the Xbox dashboard’s look and feel to suit their preferences.
  • Improved user experience: Even for inexperienced users, it’s easy to use and navigate.
  • Expanded functionality: A number of functions that are absent from the standard Microsoft dashboard are present in it.
  • Community support: Their users comprise a sizable and vibrant group that is always eager to lend a hand.

UnleashX also supports the addition of custom dashboards, which allows users to install and switch between different dashboards. With this function, users can personalize their Xbox experience to a great extent.

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Complete guide on adding dashboards to UnleashX


  1. A modded Xbox with UnleashX installed
  2. A custom dashboard file


  • Download the preferred file for the personalized dashboard. Custom dashboards are available online from a number of sources. Verify that the file you download is appropriate for UnleashX.
  • On your Xbox hard drive, extract the dashboard files to the relevant directory. Depending on which particular dashboard you are installing, the position will vary. You can be required by certain dashboards to extract files to the hard drive’s root, while others might ask you to extract them to a designated folder.
  • Open UnleashX and select the Settings option.
  • Find and pick the “Dashboards” option.
  • Press the “Add Dashboard” button to start the process of adding a dashboard.
  • Navigate to the folder where the dashboard files have been extracted.
  • To continue, select the relevant dashboard file and click “Open”.
  • The just uploaded dashboard will be included in the list of dashboards that are accessible.
  • Press and hold the “X” button on your controller, and then choose the preferred dashboard from the menu to switch to the newly added dashboard.
add dashboards to UnleashX

Some more tips

  • Verify that the dashboards you download are compatible. Not every customized dashboard works with UnleashX. To make sure the dashboard you’re interested in is compatible, make sure you read the documentation.
  • Before adding new dashboards, make a backup of your UnleashX installation. This will guarantee that in the event of a malfunction, you can return your system to a functional state.
  • Exercise caution when removing dashboards. Unintentionally erasing a necessary dashboard file could prevent your Xbox from starting up.
  • Think about utilizing a dashboard manager. You may manage and arrange your dashboard collection with the aid of a dashboard manager.

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By now you will be completely familiar with how to add dashboards to UnleashX so don’t hesitate to give it a try now.

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