how to set up ring doorbell

How to Set Up Ring Doorbell?

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If you are new in the world of smart home tech or you are not confident in the set-up stage, getting up a new gadget is a little overwhelming for you. Adding up the vague instructions into the box you may simply end up putting off the installation of your device for weeks. Here, we are going to talk about the process of how to set up ring doorbell.

You have to keep reading this step-by-step guide which is all about the process of how to install ring doorbell wireless whether you are a renter who is looking to do it as little damage or a homeowner who is willing to get the permanent solution.

Step 1: Get Prepared

how to set up ring doorbell

You have to unpack the doorbell and then get familiar with the contents which generally include the main device, charging cable, some screws and also some of the other fittings and a screwdriver as well. These items generally depend upon the model which you buy but generally, all of them have the same contents. We suggest you lay everything out before you start and select a vague place outside for the doorbell.

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Step 2: Power Your Doorbell

If your ring doorbell is powered by battery then you don’t need to fiddle with the wiring. You only need to wait for a while so that the internal battery can charge. Also, for the ring video doorbell, you can easily plug the charger in the port at the back and for the ring doorbells 3 and 4, you are required to press and release the battery pack and simply charge it.

Step 3: Download the Ring App

The ring app is something where the action happens and you need to ensure that you are set up before the mounting of your device. You will be able to find out the app in the app store of your device. When it gets downloaded then you have to create an account. This account can be able to host any of the ring products and you don’t need to re-register if you add any security camera or chime of the same brand.

Step 4: Connect Your Doorbell to Your Home Wi-Fi

You will see an orange button that appears on the back side of your doorbell. You have to push it and then light on the front which simply starts spinning. When it happens then click on the continue button in the app. It will simply ask you to join your home Wi-Fi network or if you are using an Android device then this setup is automatic and you only have to enter the password.

Step 5: Mount Your Doorbell

It is suggested that you install your new doorbell about 1.2 m from the ground but you have to make your own decision based on things like the length of the driveway or your front door steps leading up to it or not. You need to put the mounting bracket into the selected position and then mark there where the screws will go.

Also, there is a level tool as well which helps you to get things aligned in a good manner. If you are mounting into a brick, concrete or in stucco then you can simply use the plastic anchors and drill it bit in the box though you don’t need the anchors for the wooden background.

Then, you can simply use the screws to mount the wall at the same point which you marked in starting. Also, there is a tab on the mount that you can simply use to simply slow the ring doorbell in place before using the small screws to ensure that it doesn’t budge. These security screws will seem different and the rest depends upon the model but they mainly work to keep the faceplate in place.

If Your Ring Doorbell Is Hardwired

Before you attach the mount or the device, you have to ensure that you have fed the previous doorbell wires by the holes into the bracket. After securing the mount into the wall, you are required to connect such wires to the screws on the back of the ring doorbell.

Don’t Want To Drill Holes?

 how to install ring doorbell wireless

If you are a renter and don’t want to drill holes outside the house then there are other reversible methods for ring doorbell wireless installation no drilling. The trick is to get the high-quality mountain table which won’t wear out quickly and also lead to the brown doorbell as well. We have used this method successfully but there is no assurance that you will get the same results. So, it is safe and we suggest mountain it into the traditional manner.

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How Do You Set Up a Ring Doorbell For The First Time?

You have to click on the menu which appears at the top left side of the dashboard into the Ring app. Now, click on the set up a device and select the doorbell option. Click on I’m ready to scan option. Then, point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code on the ring device or on the packaging of the product.

How Do I Connect My Ring Doorbell?

If you are using an Android device then simply swipe down from the top of the display. Now, click on WiFi and then click on the Ring wifi network. The network will be generally named Ring-123456. Now, connect the ring doorbell to the WiFi and ensure to connect with the WiFi network close to the ring doorbell.

Final Verdict

Above we have shared the complete guide about how to set up ring doorbell. If you recently bought a ring doorbell and are confused towards its setup process then you can read and follow this detailed guide. If you still have any queries about it then feel free to let us know by dropping a comment in the below-given comment section. Rest, stay tuned with us for the latest guides.

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